Alabama Rear End Accidents

Rear end car accidents are an all too common occurrence.  A rear end collision occurs when one automobile runs into another one in front of it.  Usually, this type of auto accident is a combination of the sudden deceleration of the lead car and the lack of time that the trailing car has to stop before running into its back bumper.  Alternatively the following car may accelerate more rapidly than the leading (for example, leaving an intersection) resulting in an equivalent collision.  The rear end accident can also be caused by tailgating or panic stops.

A typical medical consequence of rear end accidents, even in case of collisions at moderate speed, is whiplash.  In more severe cases permanent injuries, e.g. herniation, may occur.  The rearmost passengers in minivans benefit little from the short rear crumple zone, so they are more likely to be injured or killed in a rear end collision.

For purposes of insurance and policing, the driver of the car that rear ends the other car is almost always considered to be at fault due to not being within stopping distance or lack of attention.  An exception to this rule comes into play if the rear ended vehicle is in reverse gear.  If the driver of the car that was rear ended files a claim against the driver who hit him, said driver could be responsible for all damages to the other driver’s car.

Alabama is a Fault State

A determination of fault, in any type of accident, is often very important to an injured party.  In fault states, an injured party will often sue the driver they believe is at fault for the accident.  Either the driver or the driver’s insurance company could be responsible for damages to the injured party’s car, as well as medical expenses and monetary pain and suffering damages.  In a  rear end accident there is usually clearer evidence of fault than in any other type of auto accident.  Despite the clear evidence of fault, a rear end accident victim’s injuries may be very difficult to prove because of the nature of the crash dynamics.  If you or someone you loved has been involved in a rear end collision in Alabama contact the experienced auto accident attorneys at Wettermark & Keith, LLC. today for a free case evaluation.  Our attorneys are highly qualified and will give you all the aid you need in order to compensate for your injuries.

Common Injuries from a Rear End Collision

Low speed are common in rear end accidents and drivers who are hit in rear end collisions often suffer the following types of injuries:

  • Soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash or disc damage in the cervical vertebrae when the head is snapped forward then suddenly back.
  • Carpal tunnel injury, due to the driver bracing for the impact by the vehicle he or she sees coming in the rear view mirror.
  • Ankle and knee injuries, due to flexing legs and bracing for impact.
  • Serious injuries to the head and face, such as closed head injuries caused by airbag deployment.

Many of these injuries may not develop immediately, and may not even be apparent for hours, days or even weeks after a rear end collision.  It is important to seek medical care after a car accident, even if you do not think you have been injured.  A full evaluation by your doctor can help determine the type of medical care that may be necessary in both the present and the future, and it can help your lawyer determine the extent of your injuries and the fair compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one were injured in a rear end collision you need to contact the law office of Wettermark & Keith, LLC. today.  Our personal injury attorneys have over 30 years experience working with adults and children injured in car accidents, such as rear end collisions, throughout Alabama.

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