First Responder Heroes

One of the greatest assets to a community are the people who help keep our loved-ones safe. Every neighborhood, road, office, school, or household is at risk to an unplanned emergency.  When an unfortunate event occurs, we want someone there in a split second to help. 

Wettermark Keith deeply appreciates the dedication and hard work that these special people in our communities uphold, and the firm consistently sponsors a celebration of one of these special people each month in several regional cities. First Responder Heroes are people we can count on to help our family members when in need. Many of them work for emergency service organizations including police departments, sheriff departments, fire and rescue departments, ambulances services, and other emergency response services.

Watch James Wettermark explain the importance of First Responder Heroes and what they mean to Wettermark Keith. 

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Watch Chris Keith sincerely thank all of the nation’s first responder heroes and Boy Scouts of America Troop 489

Watch the following videos of our First Responder Hero Awards!
And like these special individuals, Wettermark Keith salutes and honors all of the First Responder Heroes.