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Construction Accidents

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Construction Accident LAWYERS

Construction employs a significant number of Americans, with 5,964,000 employed in the industry as of March 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is one of the most dangerous types of jobs, with approximately 150,000 construction accidents, resulting in innumerable injuries and an average of 1000 worksite fatalities annually.

“Fatal Four” Construction Fatalities and Injuries Causes

The construction industry recognizes several common accident types, “The Fatal Four”. they are responsible for most worksite deaths and injuries.

  1. Falls, especially from roofs, scaffolding or staging, ladders, and structural steel
  2. Caught-in/between accidents, including cave-ins, being drawn into working machinery, being crushed between moving objects or between a moving and a stationary object, or being crushed by a moving hydraulic bed
  3. Being struck by a vehicle, piece of construction equipment, or falling object
  4. Electrocutions, including contact with power lines, live parts of electrical equipment or tools, damaged or exposed wires, or defective equipment or tools; improper use of electric cord and extensions

If you or a member of your family has become a victim of a Tennessee construction site accident, you should waste no time in consulting the personal injury attorneys at the Chattanooga law firm of Wettermark Keith.

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Injury Types that Commonly Occur in Construction Work

Negligent actions taken by other workers, foremen, managers, vehicle operators, or contracted employees have the potential to cause serious injuries. In some cases, these actions tragically lead to the wrongful death of one or more people. Injuries sustained by workers in construction accidents can include:

Speak with an experienced construction injury attorney at our law firm today if you have been injured or lost someone close to you. All too often claims of workers’ compensation do not adequately meet the needs of the victims of these accidents. A claim of personal injury or wrongful death against the negligent party responsible may be the only way to recover financially from one of these accidents.

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Workers Compensation and Third-Party Claims in Construction Accidents

Injuries and fatalities on construction sites usually fall under Workers’ Compensation, a no-fault work injury insurance that covers medical expenses, time off of work, and rehabilitation costs, or in the case of a fatality, a death benefit.

Workers’ Compensation does not, however, compensate the victim or family for non-economic losses like pain, suffering, disfigurement, and diminished quality of life.

If you or someone in your family has suffered a construction site injury, Workers’ Compensation precludes you from suing your employer. However, in many cases, a sharp attorney will be able to identify third parties whose negligence or manufacture of a defective product contributed to your accident and can institute a claim on your behalf against them, making it possible for you to receive compensation for your non-economic damages as well.

At the Chattanooga, Tennessee, law firm of Wettermark and Keith, we frequently handle construction site accidents and have a team of experts on call to help investigate. In many cases, our investigation will uncover third-party negligence, OSHA violations, or product liability that can add to the value of your claim. Potential third-party defendants might include sub-contractors, architects, premises owners, engineers, or manufacturers of equipment and tools equipment used in the trade. We believe that you have the right to compensation for all of your damages, and we have access to the resources need to prove third-party liability, which will often make a much greater award possible.

Experienced, Proven Legal Representation for Your Tennessee Injury or Wrongful Death Claim

At Wettermark & Keith, our attorneys are committed to justice for everyone whose life has been damaged because of someone else’s wrongdoing, and our record proves it: our firm has brought in more than $750 million in compensation for our injured clients and boasts a 95 percent success rate.

We offer a free case review where we will review the facts and circumstances of your accident and discuss your legal options with you. If you decide to hire us to represent you, we will immediately launch an investigation, often calling upon a team of construction experts, including architects, engineers, occupational safety experts, and others to determine all potentially liable parties, and will help you institute a Workers’ Compensation claim. We will obtain all of your medical records and, when necessary, will bring in qualified physicians to assist in establishing the extent of your impairment and your prognosis.

The time to file a personal injury claim is limited by Tennessee law, so it is important to act now. Call or contact Wettermark & Keith, today, to protect your right to a full and fair recovery.

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It is only through extensive professional litigation that a successful claim of personal injury or wrongful death can be made to come to fruition.

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