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Covid-19 In Alabama

Staying Safe During COVID-19 In Alabama

As one of Alabama’s most trusted attorneys, we feel a genuine connection to all of our clients throughout Alabama, and we care about their wellbeing and health amidst the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The ongoing social distancing measures have left all…

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Alabama Move Over Act

What Is the Alabama Move Over Act?

You may think when you change lanes to provide emergency vehicles on the road more room that you’re being generous and kind, but law enforcement wants you to know—it’s the law. For the safety of everyone involved, drivers and emergency…

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Spring Break Safety

Spring Break Safety Tips

This spring break, it’s important to make safety your top priority as you prepare for busier highways as motorists make their way to beaches, lakes, and other warm water destinations. Increased traffic often accompanies spring break, and we urge drivers…

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A Close Up Of A Newspaper

PTSD Awareness

How To Tell if It Is PTSD? When you are experiencing the symptoms of PTSD, it can be hard to feel safe. You find yourself unable to stop thinking about the event that’s caused your PTSD. This seemingly unshakable feeling…

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Valsartan Link to Cancer Leads to Recall

  FDA Issues Recall: Could Your Blood Pressure Medication Cause Cancer? High blood pressure is a common condition. It is estimated about one out of three American adults have high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be a dangerous condition.…

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