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Negligent Security

Negligent Security Under a section of legislation known as tort law, premises liability covers all aspects of a potentially dangerous environment that causes another person personal injury or wrongful death. Part of this law covers the failure to provide adequate…

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Factory Worker Working Near Dangerous Heat Levels

Workplace Accidents

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Birmingham A large portion of the average person’s life is spent on the job, earning and providing for their family. Due to putting in this substantial amount of time, injuries suffered while working are bound to…

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Broken Caution Sign Warning Of Wet Floor

Restaurant Accidents

Restaurant Accident Lawyers Patrons frequenting restaurants elect to dine out with the assumption that the establishment they are entering is safe. In fact, the thought of a restaurant being unsafe likely never crosses a person’s mind when selecting where they’d…

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A Close Up Of A Red Chair

School Ground Injury

School Injury Lawyers in Alabama Play structures and school grounds provide a wealth of entertainment, exercise, and social interactions for children. Unfortunately, not all playgrounds are kept up to proper safety standards and some even pose a serious threat to…

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Dimly Lit Staircase

Premises Liability Overview

Premises Liability Overview Slip, trip, and fall type accidents remain one of the most common causes of personal injury across the United States. These accidents fall under an area of law known as “premises liability” and have the potential to…

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