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Covid-19 In Alabama

Staying Safe During COVID-19 In Alabama

As one of Alabama’s most trusted attorneys, we feel a genuine connection to all of our clients throughout Alabama, and we care about their wellbeing and health amidst the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The ongoing social distancing measures have left all…

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Car Crash Construction Zone

Avoiding a Car Crash in Construction Zones

Road construction and routine road maintenance are something all drivers must deal with throughout the year. Though driving through construction zones seems like a minor nuisance, it can be hazardous for drivers and workers alike. Shoulder drop-offs, unfamiliar lanes, traffic…

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Alabama Move Over Act

What Is the Alabama Move Over Act?

You may think when you change lanes to provide emergency vehicles on the road more room that you’re being generous and kind, but law enforcement wants you to know—it’s the law. For the safety of everyone involved, drivers and emergency…

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