Ambulance Chasing Out of Control in Alabama

by on May 13, 2012

For years, the Alabama Bar has been confronted with numerous instances of attorneys improperly contacting accident victims.  Lawyers are regulated by ethical guidelines that prohibit any attorney from directly contacting anyone injured in an accident by either direct contact or telephone contact.  Alabama lawyers refer to the contact as improper solicitation.  To the public, it is known as ambulance chasing.   Despite Alabama Attorney’s ethical obligations preventing the in person contact, it still occurs on a widespread basis in Alabama.  Despite numerous attorney’s in Alabama being reported for this improper and illegal contact, the practice still occurs on a daily basis because the Alabama Bar doesn’t have enough resources to combat the issue. Last year, an attorney in Alabama, so frustratred with the conduct, filed a lawsuit against other Alabama attorneys for unethical conduct involving case solicitation.   Unfortunately, the suit wasn’t successful becuase there is not currenlty any Alabama law providing the public with redress against an offending attorney or “investigator” from making the contact.  The Alabama legislature, however, has a chance to fix that with the 2012 legislative session by enacting legislation similar to legislation that has been enacted in other States, including Texas.  The fact is that Alabama is behind the curve as it relates to stomping out ambulance chasing. And the citizens of Alabama do not need to be harrassed by greedy attorney seeking a quick profit following tragedy that strikes innocent Alabamians.   Hopefully the Alabama legislature, Alabama Bar, and Alabama Justice Association with finally say enough is enough and enact legislation to stop this distateful practice from occurring.  Remember, if you are contacted by an attorney or investigator or any other party seeking to help you after an accident, run the other way.  These folks are preying on the innocent.  Instead, do your own due diligence and seek out your own attorney who has experience and a track record to help you with the Justice you deserve.

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